Kranophiles are delighted that there are 62 cranes in Biesbosch

At 5:15, forest ranger Harm Blom received a very excited application Wednesday night: “62 cranes spotted on the ground!” “I immediately shut down my laptop and headed over. It doesn’t happen often that they stop in the Netherlands, but they strand out in the West with such a big group and spend the night…that really is SO special!”

“At Biesbosch we have a suite of apps for bird lovers and rangers,” says Harm. “I was still emailing at 5:10 and then the app came up.”

“These monsters are waving in the air to overtake Belgium. They’re just gone.”

The bird-watcher spotted the astonishingly large group in the afternoon. Along with other rangers and a number of bird watchers, he immediately went to get her. “And then you get there and see such beautiful, beautiful birds. That was really fun. It’s really unique to Biesbosch.”

“Crane migration is in full swing. The migration period is always at the end of February and the first days of March. Then they fly in large numbers to the north from the wintering grounds of Spain and France, through Germany and the Ardennes.” The cranes are on their way to their breeding grounds in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Poland and Germany.

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“This morning, at a quarter past seven, they flew in with a sweet call.”

“They sat and slept like chickens: with their heads in their feathers. They were tired of snow and headwinds. They cleaned, slept and drank. They drank a lot.” According to Harm, the sanctuary in Biesbosch is the perfect place for jacks. “They were in the Noordwaard. This is open, with shallow water and absolute peace.”

The cranes have now flown again. “This morning at a quarter past seven, when the fellows and bird-watchers were watching, they flew in with a lovely call.” The group flew to the southern Netherlands, but with these weather conditions and their flight speed, they could be in Germany this afternoon.”

Mischief is overwhelmed by the arrival of the cranes. I am totally impressed. Feel free to contact me one nymphomaniac,” He laughs.It sticks with me when, as a little kid, I was surprised once in the West by a group that flew overhead. I’ve been sold ever since.”

Last Sunday, the forester was still in Limburg to spot the cranes. “They are beautiful and impressive birds. They can fly very well and have tremendous stamina.”

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