Taliban leader asks for help in first speech since takeover of Afghanistan

Taliban leader asks for help in first speech since takeover of Afghanistan

The leader of the Taliban government gave a speech for the first time since taking power in Afghanistan. The pre-recorded audio message of Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund was broadcast on state TV last night. In it, he called on Afghans to be grateful to the Taliban leadership.

Akhund said the current problems in Afghanistan, such as famine, inflation and unemployment, were caused by the previous Afghan government. In his speech, he asked the international community for help. For example, he wants to release about $9 billion in frozen overseas banking assets.

Since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan last summer, the already weak Afghan economy has fallen into free fall. As winter approaches, there are fears of severe famine. According to the United Nations, about 95 percent of the Afghan population suffers from hungry.

The government is not recognized

Practically no country in the world has officially recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan. In the Caretaker government Most of them are hardliners, including “Prime Minister” Akhund, one of the founders of the extremist organization.

The international community has urged the Taliban to form a government that represents the Afghan people, but nearly all officials are from the same ethnic group.

She also urged respect for minorities and women. According to Akhund, this was achieved. In practice it turns out that this is not the case. This is how women appear with whipped skin Do girls have access to education? obstructed.

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