Viewers Today Inside Pleasantly Surprised by Miljuschka Witzenhausen: ‘Please Invite Every Week’

Viewers Today Inside Pleasantly Surprised by Miljuschka Witzenhausen: ‘Please Invite Every Week’

A somewhat surprising guest for viewers Thursday night on “Vandaag Inside.” Our food and lifestyle expert Miljoszka Fitzenhausen (38 years old) will join Wilfried Jenny (56 years old), Johan Dirksen (74 years old) and Renee van der Gyp (62 years old). And it’s so good that fans of the show want more from Miljuschka.

“The chemistry between the guys, Renee in particular, and Milushka is fantastic.”

Why Milgoshka and inside today Is the combination surprising to some viewers? Miljuschka was rather fierce towards Johan Dirksen during the famous candle riots. On her Instagram stories, she gives VIMen and talpa chiefs at the time would reincarnate as a woman with “many periods,” a “dirty transition,” and a “candle for breakfast for the rest of their lives.”

When Wilfred asked Milgoszka why she accepted the invitation, she said, “Well, that’s the most popular question today. When I announce here yesterday that I’m coming, I suddenly realize you have a die-hard editor, Sam, who’s been calling for two years and saying, ‘Will you join us, will you? Will you join us?” In the end, it’s her cameraman who convinces Milgoszka. “He said, ‘Mel, come on, this is the greatest show ever.'”

Next, Miljuschka brings a toolbox full of Wilfred, Johann and Renee’s favorite snacks onto the table for an ‘icebreaker’. With his favorite drinks being Yakult for Johan, cheese and sausage for Rene and “healthy stuff” for Wilfred. “Because I know your wife must.”

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“Actually, I don’t know anything about football,” Milgoszka still covers to herself. “I have a brother (Wendel Fitzenhausen, editor), who taught the youth academy at Ajax, but I still don’t know what offside is.” Not a word was said about the riot of candles.

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He deals extensively with Miljuschka’s honest portrayals Body positivity to motivate. “I really like good food,” she tells the gentlemen as she passes photos of herself in lingerie. “So it’s better to be too fat in the coffin than to miss the party. And if people want to say something about it, it generally says more about them behind the keyboard than it does about me.”

“I think it’s very nice that you are interested in this,” says Johan, who sees an “important role model” in Miljuschka.

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Milgoszka explains that, unlike Nicole Kremers, she has never been in the business play boy will stand. “I think there’s a limit somewhere. My cat stays for Milgosz, like I always say. I have kids, so I find it really awkward when you’re standing next to Daddy in the school yard and he’s looking at you and he knows what that means. It’s like he’s from down there.”

Wilfred, Johan and René are in a great mood with Melgoszka at the table and viewers are getting carried away with her too, according to reactions. “The chemistry between the guys, Renee in particular, and Melgoshka is fantastic!” Viewer pens. “Please invite every week!” Another finds Milgoska’s appearance “surprising”, but says she is “nice to talk”. A third viewer describes Milgoska as “a woman of the first class.” Another fan wrote: “I find Miljuschka excellent as a guest on inside today. Works effortlessly, as far as I’m often concerned.

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Miljuschka is the daughter of Astrid Holleder and niece of Willem Holleder. Peter R. de Vries played an important role in her life. Milgoszka first told RTL Boulevard about the special relationship with the crime reporter who died in 2021.

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