What is the “allowed” amount of sugar per day?

What is the “allowed” amount of sugar per day?

Candy here, cookies there, and maybe a nice glass of Coke: sometimes you just want to treat yourself. Sugary foods or drinks — as well as fatty snacks — are often things we eat. But how much sugar are you allowed to eat daily?

Of course, we won’t tell you what you can and can’t do or eat, that remains your choice. We’re talking about health guidelines regarding sugar intake.

What is the permissible amount of sugar per day?

Of course, you can not only eat sugar, you can drink it too. Soft drinks, for example, contain a lot of sugar, just like lemonade. We recently told you what happens to your body if you drink soft drinks every day. So it is better to skip this and opt for water, tea and coffee (in moderation).

But how much sugar can you eat daily? Accordingly Nutrition center There is not enough evidence to establish separate guidelines for this, and sugars are considered carbohydrates. Therefore there is no x number of grams as a maximum for a given sugar. In general the following applies: not much. If you consume too much sugar, you run the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and obesity. It’s best to avoid added sugars in particular, because healthy foods already contain natural sugars (think fruits, vegetables, and dairy products).

There are different sugars, for example fruit sugars and added sugars. However, your body doesn’t recognize it, breaks it down into glucose and uses it as fuel. So it’s not true that fruit sugars themselves are healthier than added sugars, but it’s true that you also get vitamins when you eat fruit, but this is of course not the case with a bag of sweets.

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How much sugar is in a sugar cube?

Have you ever had a cup of tea or coffee with one (or maybe two) cubes of sugar? Then you add about four grams of sugar per sugar cube to your hot drink. The exact weight may vary by brand, however Nutrition center It assumes about four grams of sugar per sugar cube.

For example, a (small) can of Coke contains 6.5 sugar cubes, or 26 grams of sugar. A large can of Coke contains 8.5 sugar cubes, 34 grams of sugar.

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