Viewers remove the new Max show Showcolade: "Low point NPO" |  entertainment

Viewers remove the new Max show Showcolade: “Low point NPO” | entertainment

The show – by Edsilia Rombley who is still gaining some recognition as a prequel – is about the art of chocolate making. The participants are divided into two teams, led by Richard Kimber and Remco Fieldhouse, and must guess from the objects on a conveyor belt made of chocolate. A number of viewers do not like the program. They call it “sadness”, “a strange concept” and it even makes someone “cry a little”.

Many believe that the program is not suitable for public broadcasting at all. “Why is this on the NPO?” And with some irony: “Fortunately, there were cuts at other times, free voices and books. Now there is money left for new gems like Showcolade.” Talking about irony: The show makes Sander Schimmelbenk think of Ongehoord Nederland membership: “I overtook an aging broadcaster called Showcolade, which was spelled an annoying English space, and I’m now thinking of being Ongehoord Nederland membership.”

However, few of them are completely satisfied with the program. “What a lot of negative reactions. I thought it was fun for a while, just simple entertainment.”

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