Uncovering a strange story about Wendy Van Dyck: very sad

More and more stories are being released about celebrities pretending to be different on TV than they are in real life. A source speaks to Yvonne Coldeweijer about Wendy van Dijk’s bizarre procedure at a zoo. ,,very sad.”

Yvonne Coldeweijer asked her followers which celebrities are really “so stupid”. The first name that came up was Jeroen van der Boom, which according to followers was an “arrogant jellyfish”. But Wendy Van Dyck’s name is also mentioned. A source tells a very strange story about the presenter.

in the picture

“One of the family members works with the mentally challenged and was in the past at a zoo with a number of clients,” says the source in conversation with Yvonne Coldviere. “Wendy was filming there for a program and the clients wanted to say hello and take a picture with her during the break, so they approached her.”

Strange business

According to the source, Wendy was not in the mood for that. “Then Wendy asked her manager (in front of clients) if she wanted to remove these separated people,” the source said. Then Wendy continued the recordings and then something strange happened. “When the cameras started rolling again, she suddenly called the clients and pretended to completely charm them like she had the most respect for people with mental disabilities. So sad, because they don’t understand anything anymore…”


This isn’t the first time stories about Wendy have been circulated. A former The Voice Kids employee previously said he had no good experiences with the presenter. “During my time on The Voice Kids, I was warned not to just address the presenters (Martijn and Wendy),” the source revealed in a conversation with Juicechannel. Wendy is just icy cold and terrifying.

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