Streaming Guidelines #23 – Creed 3, Avatar: The Way of Water and Idol

Streaming Guidelines #23 – Creed 3, Avatar: The Way of Water and Idol

with the Broadcast tips As FWD Editors, we look at new shows for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, SkyShowtime and Disney+. If services like Apple TV and Videoland also have something cool that week, we’ll report it, too. Many of the tips are based on preference, but we also pay attention to things like popularity or a certain niche. As a result, many different genres of films, cartoons, series and documentaries have been discussed. If you have any streaming tips from last week, please share them in the comments!

Arnold (Netflix)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a private centipede: He was once a bodybuilder, and successful too, before becoming a very successful actor and politician. In the Arnold documentary series, you can learn about the life of this special man, who made the American dream his life.

Tour de France: Au coeur du peloton (Netflix)

What is the motivation to survive Formula 1, you must become Au coeur du peloton cycling. This documentary series about the Tour de France follows seven teams of cyclists in the middle of the Tour. You can hear from Jonas Vingegaard, Thibaut Pinot and Fabio Jakobsen, among others, about their experiences during the 2022 Tour.

Bo and Michelle in America (Videoland)

The United States was once a kind of promised land, but a lot has changed since then. In the series, Michel Voss, an expert on America, and presenter Bo van Erven Dorens set out in a land of paradox. They do this by talking about politics, rich and poor, but also the glamor of Hollywood, sports and the beautiful nature that the United States has too.

Avatar: Waterway (Disney+)

It’s a long wait, but especially if you have a good TV and sound system, it’s more than worth it: Avatar: The Way of Water continues ten years after the previous movie ended. Unfortunately, the Sully family is once again harassed by the human-derived Na’vi. They escape to a place where water plays a leading role and James Cameron knows how to bring that beautifully to CGI.

Creed III (Amazon Prime Video)

Adonis Creed is back in this movie, just like an old friend of his. Adonis, played by Michael B. Can he handle confrontation in and out of the ring? How does this affect his family? This is another great boxing movie with beautiful slow motion and a nice story.

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