This is Linda de Mol's biggest fear

This is Linda de Mol’s biggest fear

The newspaper talks to Linda about her new movie Everything is on the table, then also asks about her biggest fear: ‘To get sick. I haven’t participated in that before. When I was busy, I ate poorly and went back to sleep the following week. I am now more aware of that. I take multivitamins, have to exercise twice a week, eat less meat, and have regular checkups. Because I really want to get old, but then be healthy and fit.

Linda’s parents fell ill as they got older: “My father had cancer, and my mother had Alzheimer’s. It was very cruel: she could no longer support him mentally, while he was physically no longer able to support her.

The presenter was shocked at how quickly her parents’ health deteriorated. “Their retreat is a huge ghost. For someone like me, he was basically a control freak, it remains difficult to accept that you cannot control it. No matter how hard you try, fate decides in the end. You will have to deal with it. No matter how that happens. Linda concludes.

Everything is on the table With Linda in cinemas from November 4th. The film tells of a group of close friends having dinner. They challenge each other to put their smartphones on the table all evening and share every conversation and text message with the rest of the group, proving that they have no secrets from each other. However, it soon becomes clear that they know each other much less than they thought.

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In addition to Linda, Peter Paul Muller, Liz Fischidjek, Ramsey Nasr, Eva Crutzen, Waldemar Torenstra and Dedrick Ebbing are played in the film. The trailer can be seen below.

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