Doctor Expedition Robinson steps in and sends the candidate home |  to watch

Doctor Expedition Robinson steps in and sends the candidate home | to watch

Opinions were divided in the Jansen family. Was the vote in the island council brave or bleeding? I loved the latter. The tension is carefully built. With Jasmine and Renee on the beach, with intrigue, plans, so much uncertainty and the big question: Who or who should leave? Luke Jasmine or a rabbit from the top of the hat? But then the fainter: Kag Gorgels comment that “there will be no vote.” bam! It’s as if two pub-goers are flirting with each other for one night, dancing their ass around each other, and then suddenly (in the afternoon) the lights come on and one of them disappears. And that kiss?
The hunger for excitement grows in this series of Robinson. The duel between Jan and Yuki was nice, but the ropes test wasn’t well thought out. One network, seven candidates had to pass through… It was completely unbelievable that this resulted in a queue. And that the first (Witz) will also be the first to reach the Robinson knot. Why don’t we put seven networks? Those who paid more attention also knew that Défano was no longer in the picture and so withdrew… Poor makers, they still have to make something of it. The good thing: luckily we’ll get that island council back! Cliffhanger So…

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