Tonight on TV: Our Farm, Reizen Waes Nederland and Boxing Influencers Gold Edition |  to watch

Tonight on TV: Our Farm, Reizen Waes Nederland and Boxing Influencers Gold Edition | to watch

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our farm

the first episode
NPO 1 – $21.30

Last year, Farmer was looking for a wife, Jean and Ryan, along with Yvonne, went to Denmark to investigate whether the farm’s grass was greener there. And yes, after a few months the two decided to say goodbye to their Texel ships to finally set foot on Danish soil. In the first episode of our farm Yvonne looks exactly at the way the farming duo approach immigration.

Boxing Influencers Gold Edition

Spike – 8.30 PM

After Dave Roelvink, Laura Pontecorvo, and Harry Van Het collided with Camp Sniders in the previous episode, several (reality) stars re-entered the ring. Among them are music star Tommy Christian and temptation island Sonny Lorenzo.

Boxing influencers stare with Dave and Donny Roelvink. © PRONOPRESS

Wes Holland Travel

NPO 3 – $20.53

in a Wes Holland Travel Flemish adventurer Tom Weiss goes to places the average tourist overlooks. After the far south and far north, Tom reached Flevoland, a county that had been created by reclaiming part of the former Zwederze. After a stop in Urk and a visit to the urban pearl of Lelystad, its cooler ride ends in Almere Oosterwold, where residents can discover it for themselves. Not only build their own homes, but also, for example, build roads.

Travel to Waes Holland with Tom Waes.

Travel to Waes Holland with Tom Waes.

2Doc: Headwind – Peat Colony Grief

NPO 2 – $20.23

from the document Headwinds – grief of peat colonies Shows how the global energy transition is taking place in the local community. The arrival of the giant wind farm Windpark N33 in Veenkoloniën has created a deep crater in the Groningen villages of Meeden and Veendam. While the residents are terrified of the two hundred-meter-high giant, the local government is dancing on their often constructive contributions to push the park through. In order to introduce some headwinds, a number of protest groups have been set up. But although the fight begins comically, it ends bleakly with the arrest of two spokespersons as the breaking point.

Mod and Babs

finale episode
NPO 1 – $22.25

After keeping dementia balls in the air for months, Maud begins to slowly lose control of Babs’ health. Until disaster strikes, Babs’ case manager surrenders. Quinn has a solution: a nursing home. But the only place where there is room is an hour’s drive away.

Los Luca in the play Maud and Babs.

Los Luca in the play Maud and Babs. © Omroep MAX / Mark de Blok

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