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These bodybuilders are allowed to exercise indoors again, but do they want to?

It looks like gyms can open again from Wednesday. Of course we are happy with that. I have a lot of equipment in my gym. But we also stay partly abroad. This is better for flow and many athletes find it fun to exercise outside.

Many bodybuilders come to the Remco gym. Not exercising is not an option for them. “We were training outside even in the snow,” says Julia Heerenveen. “I will be competing in the Ms. Olympia (annual women’s bobby-building competition, editor) in the US and in September I have to go to Poland for a competition. Picking up 25-pound weights, even if it’s -20, I’ll keep working out,” Julia says. .

Get creative with homemade fitness equipment

Next to one of the sea containers is a homemade fitness equipment made of wood. Weights can be hung on ropes and chains so that different muscle groups can be trained. “We also call it the prison gym here,” says Remko. We also had to be creative to be able to continue playing sports outside here. Fortunately I have it on hand.

Unfortunately, outdoor fitness equipment is not manufactured. Rust is everywhere and the leather is broken. I will have to replace all of that over time. But you want to be able to offer something to your customers, right? Continuing to exercise is important. Personally, I don’t think the gyms should have closed. By continuing to exercise, you are working on your resistance. Exercise is part of the solution during this pandemic, in my opinion. In my gym, all people over 70 are also allowed to exercise for free on weekdays between 9am and 12pm. As an entrepreneur, I not only work to earn money, I also want to perform a social function.

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Even the Christmas tree is still there

In front of this gym there is now a larger sign with the words “No Trespass” on it. “Unfortunately, it was necessary so my organs wouldn’t get inside,” says Remko. Once inside, it is also clear that the gym has not been in use for months. ‘We went out in December with fitness equipment. Even the Christmas tree is still there. We will arrange it all again so that everyone here can work out again in a few days. I can’t wait.’

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