The Wolf in the Theater – Early Birds

The Wolf in the Theater – Early Birds


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Wolf pack

© Photographer Cees van Kempen

Nature film director Cees van Kempen will now be on stage with his film about the wolf. More than 70,000 visitors watched the nature documentary in the cinema last year. “WOLF” follows the animal’s return from East Germany to the Netherlands. From this week, Van Kempen will take to the stage with the story The Return of the Wolf.

Endangered due to the documentary

The director was threatened last year because of the documentary The Wolf. For example, the release of the book accompanying the film was canceled due to threats made against it. Van Kempen thinks it’s a shame that the wolf debate in the Netherlands has become so polarized: “The wolf debate is largely fueled by ignorance.”

I want to do something about it. In a family screening, for children and adults, I take the visitor with me on my adventures during the making of the film and show why wolves are not as dangerous as people think, what is the surprising relationship with the dog and how important the wolf is. to nature.”

Cees van Kempen

Cees van Kempen

© Cees van Kempen

1000 days with the wolf

From the migration to Veluwe to the moment Scout had her own litter of puppies. WOLF has already won numerous international awards and has now been bought by broadcasters from Germany to South Korea.


Cees van Kempen previously produced the TV series ‘The Return of’, which includes films about the kingfisher, beaver and kestrel. His film about the new nature reserve Marker Wadden was released in 2021. His films have been broadcast in over 30 countries around the world. Cees en de WOLF is his first theatrical production.

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