T-Mobile pays for the Eurovision short song contest that doesn't count احتساب

T-Mobile pays for the Eurovision short song contest that doesn’t count احتساب

Hundreds of people received a message after the Eurovision Song Contest that their votes were not counted because they arrived too late, when they had voted on time. According to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the umbrella organization that organizes the song contest, the problem lies with the Dutch branch of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile still doesn’t know why. The spokesperson said the investigation is still ongoing, but the system has not shown any cause.

The result is correct

Since the company did not want to wait any longer, it was decided to refund all votes too late. The carrier did not say how many people will get their money back.

The European Broadcasting Union previously said it regretted voting problems in the Netherlands, but also said the result was valid nonetheless. All sounds that came were checked. Furthermore, any potential change to the Dutch overall score would not have resulted in a different winner.

The full statement from EBU:

“All votes in the Eurovision Song Contest final were checked and verified by our partner Digame and E&Y validators voting system, and we are convinced that the result is correct. We are glad that so many viewers in Europe were so excited to participate. Just count the votes received centrally and on time. We understand that in the Netherlands there was a problem with one of the telecom service providers, which resulted in some voices not being processed on time and transmitted on time. We are sorry for the disappointment this caused, but that was beyond the control of the European Broadcasting Union.”

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