Sylvester Stallone Finally Has News On 'The Expendables 4'

Sylvester Stallone Finally Has News On ‘The Expendables 4’

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Sylvester Stallone He is now in the UK and is getting ready to start directing expendable 4, along with a new cast.

Shoot Stallone expendableFranchise 2010, with a movie he also wrote and directed. It is an ode to the action films that Stallone himself made in the 80s and 90s and brings together many legendary actors of the genre.

The making of the fourth movie

While the third film in the franchise (released in 2014) was a disappointment, it added new faces and the film was profitable. That’s enough reason to make a fourth movie and they’re almost working on it now.

In the fourth film, Stallone again plays the main role with Jason Statham employment Dolph Lundgren. Include the new Megan Fox employment Tony Jag in the movie.

Today Stallone posted a photo of himself in London wearing a classic 1957 GMT Rolex watch from The Vintage Watch Company. He also announced that he was preparing to start filming, along with new cast members.

Filming will begin in the UK and will likely head to some exotic locations.

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