Martien Meiland deals with Harry Mance on live TV

Martien Meiland deals with Harry Mance on live TV

Harry already mentions ‘fan shows’ in front of the door’wise thinking Mr. Meiland. He must have missed the fans filming in front of the villa gate chanting “Wine, wine, wine.” So Martin can’t resist putting the presenter in his place, because clearly nothing is right in his statements.

“But also Harry Mince, who lives near us,” began the former lord of the castle. “He’d say then: Look, it’s not that bad. There are no fans at all. Well, we had a walking dinner with the neighbors on the street and then I said, ‘We’re leaving.’ And they all said, ‘I totally understand.'”

The house in Noordwijk had already been rated a “bad buy” the day before the move in and it turned out to be. “We have people coming into the car all day and then filming,” Erica explains. “And then the people on the bike. The groups with the scooters. The people who ring the bell, they want to be photographed.” “I don’t mind being photographed a hundred times at the Hoofdstraat in Noordwijk, but when I’m at home I just want privacy,” Martin adds.

Maxim is surprised that her parents spent so much time at home. “If you’re out in the open, that’s okay [om op de foto te gaan]. I also love that people love us so much and enjoy the show. That’s one thing. But in your own home, you don’t want to feel like you have to put on makeup and wear clothes all the time.”

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