Stadia’s “Chief Product Officer” has left Google – Gaming – News

So you can play PS5 games on your computer with mouse and keyboard and then continue playing on laptop / phone without any problem, wherever you are (school, work, etc)?

This is a small problem in today’s society, everything has to be newer than newer. One year, then she throws it away because it’s not new anymore …

In general, when you are playing a game, you have seen it. Just like a movie or a series. Of course there are some exceptions and of course it differs from person to person. But if I’ve already played the game fully then the game will of course be less exciting, which is a reason for me to stop playing the game. You don’t necessarily have to play the newest out of the newest, either. I only play Sprite “oldschool” games on Stadia every now and then. As long as I haven’t played it before, I don’t care.

Plus, there are tons of people who buy a game, play it, and then resell it.

Both are not possible with phases.

Selling physical games is good for making money. But I think it’s a hassle to be honest. It also reminds me of some times when people put value on their Runescape / WoW account.

Steam indicated that all of your games would continue to run if the valve wasn’t present. How is this arranged with the stages?

Nobody knows that yet.

Some are speculating that Google will rebrand Stadia to “Youtube gaming” and others think Google will make up for everything. No idea what it would be like, I don’t assume Google is going to pull the plug, and if that happens, I’m not afraid of that either. At least I know the fun games and are worth buying again.

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You don’t have to make a profit from my hobby. The reason I never sell my toys (or buy second hand toys) is because I also find them a problem. I only buy games for entertainment, not to keep my hobby.

If you go to the movies or buy a pet, you are not trying to make money, are you? I also see that with Stadia, you just have to buy and have fun, hassle-free. Life is more than money and collectible.

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