“Soon there will be more brutality.”

“Soon there will be more brutality.”

Resident Evil Village It’s a game that we really look forward to in the editorial team. Then we express ourselves moderately. The game will see the light of day on May 7 and it will be – if all the good news is to be believed – a worthy addition. And Gamekings isn’t Gamekings if we don’t think about it broadly. Enough reason to take a closer look at the previous installment – Resident Evil 7. Because the ending has to do with the beginning of the previous installment. Let’s play into the hands of JJ and Skate, the two biggest horror fans on the editorial board.

Ethan lost his wife

Recipe vampire Often times the same: you play Ethan, who is finally enjoying a quiet life after his previous scary adventures. Together with his wife, he leads a peaceful life until – you feel he’s coming – everything suddenly collapses. Just like that always happens with Mario and Peaches. But hey, there is no reason for a new match if all goes well. And that’s not unlike Resident Evil 7. The guys also talk about how the construction of the Resident Evil story always has some time to start. This is nice with a horror game. Skate has a controller, JJ comments. We say: creep in this let’s play

Resident Evil Village

Expectations for Resident Evil Village are high. With a few days left, we were able to play some demos and watch an exclusive hour of video content. Based on this, we know Capcom has left a lot as it was. This is positive. If you like the survival horror genre, of course. This Let’s Play game should get you in the mood this Friday. Anyway, Skate is gentle and calm and JJ can be lifted quite well as always. Watch and listen with this Let’s Play from Resident Evil 7.

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