SportID Column of the Week: “Fall Prevention”

SportID Column of the Week: “Fall Prevention”

You probably know them, the neighborhood gym trainers and sports park manager in Nieuwegein, popping up in their orange and black tracksuits and always busy enticing every Nieuwegein resident to make a move. From 0 to 100 years!

A SportID Nieuwegein employee writes a weekly column for De Digitale Nieuwegeiner and De Digitale Stad Nieuwegein. And as is possible and permitted in the column, the employee can give his or her opinion (whether hot or not) about what stands out, makes you happy or just annoys you, without mincing words. This week, the tribute goes to biology coach Caroline van der Helm: “Fall Prevention.”

Caroline: Fall prevention is increasingly high on the agenda of municipalities. People are getting older, which means that more and more elderly people are at risk of falling.

Falls are the most common cause of injury in people over the age of 65. 30% of those over 65 in the Netherlands have a miscarriage one or more times a year. This percentage increases rapidly with age to up to 60% in people aged 80 and over. Almost half of all falls cause injuries such as traumatic brain injury or broken bones. More and more people need care after they fall.

“But what exactly is fall prevention? Fall prevention is the reduction or prevention of falls in older adults by addressing or modifying risk factors.

What can you do yourself to prevent falls as much as possible?
Through exercise and movement, your muscles stay flexible and fit. This is really important, but it’s also important (as the exercise guidelines indicate) to do musculoskeletal-strengthening activities at least twice a week, including balance exercises. Many sports and aerobics groups (for seniors) in Nieuwegein focus on physical fitness, strength, balance and agility. Therefore, it is definitely not wrong to take the step of joining a gym or exercise group in addition to your existing workout.

Do you notice that your legs are less aligned, have you fallen before or are you afraid of falling? Then it is definitely recommended to ask a physiotherapist if they have fall prevention training. During this training, you will be well supervised by a physiotherapist whose aim is to improve muscle strength, balance and the ability to walk in order to prevent falls as much as possible.

“We hope in America they also have good aerobics groups and/or physiotherapists who can help Joe Biden prevent falls. If not, of course they are always welcome in Nieuwegein.

Would you like more information about exercise groups for the elderly (from 55 years old) or fall prevention in Nieuwegein? Please contact Neighborhood Sports Coach Caroline van der Helm at [email protected] or call SportID’s general number at: 06-57452896.

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