Tennis player Tsitsipas apologizes after statements about Kyrgios

Tennis player Tsitsipas apologizes after statements about Kyrgios

Tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas apologized in a statement on Facebook for his comments after last year’s match against Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon. Tsitsipas, who lost the match in the third round, is said to have said afterwards that Kyrgios was “unskilled” and acted like an NBA player.

His remarks were widely criticized after they appeared in the Netflix documentary Break Point. Some considered the comments racist. But Tsitsipas now says his comments have been misinterpreted. “I’ve heard that some people have misinterpreted my comments about Nick Kyrgios by implying racism. But I certainly didn’t mean it that way,” the Greek said. “I want to stress that I do not hold any prejudice against anyone based on their background, race, or interests.”

He says he wanted an opinion on Kyrgios’ playing style. “I made a comparison to the passion and intensity often associated with basketball. From now on, I’ll be more aware of the impact my words can have.”

Kyrgios, 28, who reached the Wimbledon final last year, was constantly swearing during the match and Tsitsipas tried to hit his opponent with a shot and slammed the ball into the crowd. Greece and Australia were fined after the match for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Source: National Ports Agency

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