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Sonos introduces its Roam speaker, which should come with you. The speaker automatically switches from WiFi to Bluetooth when used outdoors. The speaker can also form a part of the Sonos network indoors.

The Sonos Roam is the lightest and smallest speaker ever released by Sonos. It weighs 430 grams and measures 168 x 62 x 60mm. Due to be taken outdoors, the Roam is IP67 certified for dust and water resistance. This means it has been tested to run at a depth of 1 meter for half an hour. In a speaker introductory video, Sonos suggests that the speaker can handle what’s necessary. Among other things, Roam is rinsed and thrown on a picnic blanket. The ends are made of silicone caps, which must absorb the impact of the fall.

According to Sonos, Roam continues to play smoothly when you take him outside. Then it automatically switches from WiFi to Bluetooth. This will be possible because the speaker is already connected to both WiFi and Bluetooth indoors, if desired. Another new functionality, dedicated to when you come home, for example, is Sound Swap. When you press the play / pause button, the music switches to the nearest Sonos speaker in the house. The rest of the Sonos can also take advantage of Roam’s bluetooth streaming function, which it can bundle with the speaker.

Sonos Roam has Trueplay tuning support. This means that the amplifier analyzes the acoustic factors from the environment and adjusts the sound accordingly. Roam is also equipped with microphones, which can also be used to call Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Since you can allow Roam to participate in the Sonos network, it has the same support for streaming services as other Sonos speakers via the Sonos S2 app.

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Battery life is 10 hours with continuous operation, according to Sonos. The battery will keep its charge for ten days when not in use. Roam comes with a USB-C cable to charge it. There’s also a Sonos wireless magnetic charger available for € 49, with which you can fully charge the Roam in 2.5 hours, according to Sonos. You can also charge it on any Qi charger. There are two types of Class H loudspeakers, a mid-speaker and a Roam woofer. The loudspeaker has play / pause, skip and volume buttons. The loudspeaker can be used both in a lying down and standing position.

Sonos Roam can be ordered on Tuesdays via the Sonos website, for € 179. It will be available from April 20.

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