Sonos introduces a compact, wireless speaker for on-the-go use |  Currently

Sonos introduces a compact, wireless speaker for on-the-go use | Currently

Sonos announced a new portable speaker Tuesday evening. The Roam is compact, works on bluetooth while on the road and on WiFi at home, and lasts up to ten hours on a full charge of the battery.

The Sonos Roam is much smaller than the previously released Sonos wireless speaker, and is (kinda bulky) Sonos move. According to the company, it suits him six times. With a weight of 450 grams, the speaker is primarily designed for on-the-go.

The device has an elongated design in the shape of a triangle at the top and bottom. Outside the door, the speakerphone works with bluetooth to play music. At home, it automatically switches to an associated WiFi connection. People who already own Sonos amplifiers can add Roam to make it a part of the system. Multiple Roam loudspeakers can also be linked together.

The speaker has buttons to control the volume or pause the music, but it can also be controlled using the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The speaker lasts for ten hours on a full charge and can last for up to ten days in sleep mode. If it needs to be charged, it can be done wirelessly via Qi charger.

Additionally, Sonos Roam features Auto Trueplay, a technology that uses built-in microphones to adjust performance based on the environment. For example, the loudspeaker volume should be the same on the inside as on the outside. Additionally, Roam works with Sound Swap, a new feature that allows users to send music from Roam to the nearest nearby Sonos speaker.

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The Sonos Roam will be available in black and white on April 20 and costs € 179.

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