Sonia Packer gets it wrong every week: "Something really naughty!"

Sonia Packer gets it wrong every week: “Something really naughty!”

Sonia and her partner Barry have a new hobby: salsa dancing. “It’s so much fun. We worked for five or six weeks.” Two days a week, the couple trains for two hours with a private tutor. “It’s good for your personality and makes me happy. It’s also good for your relationship,” says the fallen diet expert.

Dancing is not the only thing Sonya looks forward to. The third half is also worth watching. “That’s the biggest secret,” she admits. After the dance, they visited McDonald’s. It also remained very ordinary.

“I love this,” Sonya revises as soon as she opens her veggie burger box. “No one should really know, because they think I’m alone on the phone. I treat myself to these veggies and we have that delicious McFlurry,” she says as she puts the burger in her mouth. “After the salsa, I think I deserved it.”

Although Bunkeren met Packer certainly wouldn’t be Sonja’s next book, she couldn’t resist visiting McDrive. Although she does everything she can to not be seen, she sinks when Barry rolls under the window. “I only do it at night. It’s really naughty: I’m going to McDonald’s.”

Monday is her SAS day. Monday is the moment of my sin.

Anyway, it’s the butter-and-egg cake between Sonya and Barry, after letting the controversy spiral out of control in December 2020:

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