Grimme Awards: NDR With 13 Nominations |

Grimme Awards: NDR With 13 Nominations |

Status: 02.03.2021 3 pm

Thirteen NDR productions and co-productions were nominated for the Grimme TV Award in 2021. As announced Tuesday by The Grimme Institute, a total of 69 productions in four categories were nominated for the prestigious award.

The NDR was represented by eight nominations in the “Information and Culture” category and three in the “Children and Youth” category. In the ‘Entertainment’ category, the NDR participates in two specific productions. “The Grimme Prize specifically represents notable and exemplary television programming,” said NDR Director Joachim Knuth. The number of nominations reflects the excellent quality of production and co-productions, as they are documentaries, touch reports, rock music, children’s entertainment and educational program at the same time, and entertainment at a high level. I am proud of this achievement and express my admiration for the award ceremony for the nominees. “

Eight nominations for the media and culture category.

Lovemobil shows the lives of sex workers, mostly from Eastern Europe and Nigeria.

“Lovemobil” Nominated in the “Media and Culture” category by Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss. The film shows the life of sex workers who work in caravans on rural roads in Lower Saxony. Lirinkrouse and photographer Christoph Rohrecht accompanied their heroes for three years. Deeper note: “Lovemobil” is not a movie about prostitution, but a movie about those left behind in global capitalism and who by all means struggle to survive. Lovemobil won the German Documentary Film Award 2020 and has been shown in festivals around the world.

In-house production of NDR Helga – Two sides of Federson Oliver Schwab played by Helga Federson, Which became known as Ulknudel in the 1970s and 1980s. But Helga Federson was much more than that, she filmed with Rainer Werner Fassbinder, wrote TV plays and was a great actress. The film, which was also nominated for the media and culture category, shows in archive footage the unknown side of the writer and actress who reinvents herself after cancer surgery and reconciles with her fate without a sense of humor or love for life. You lose. . It rarely appears.

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Documentary on Afghanistan by Julian Assange and Walter Lubbocki

LOOKSfilm Arte Series also nominated on behalf of NDR Afghanistan, the wounded countryIn this book, authors Mighty Carrasco, Marcel Mittelseven and Lucio Molica outline the path of the Afghan people that have been deeply divided over the past decades and the war that has been going on for more than 40 years. WikiLeaks – United States v Julian Assange By Elena Kuch and Robert Holm, it is co-produced with NDR and WDR. The film highlights the rise and fall of Assange – from a celebrity publicist to a spy and strangely infamous rapist. With the help of classified files, Koch and Robert Holm rebuilt time at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Joint productions were also nominated Arctic expedition (rbb / NDR / HR), Destroyed – Family Story of the Holocaust (rbb / HR / NDR). Documentary drama was also nominated “Shot at Night – The Killing of Walter Lubbocke” Raymond Lee.

Specially filter Anne Ruprecht For its effect on the long-term observation of a large couple – using the sample report “Divorce at the end of life – Corona and homes for the elderly”Published in NDR Panorama. This film and another movie about older couples show how Corona affects the elderly and the vulnerable. It’s also a love story and it continues.

“Heirs of the Night” nomination

The vampire series “Heirs of the Night” was also nominated.

As a successful transition program for a target group between childhood and youth, the series falls under the “Children and Youth” category. “Heirs of the night” nominate. The fictional vampire saga, with international collaboration with Lemming Film (Netherlands), Maipo (Norway), HamsterFilm and Maze Pictures (Germany), takes place at the end of the nineteenth century and tells of the common struggle for the survival of young people. . . Vampires from all over Europe.

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Stop Motion Animation has won many awards “Swipe and drag”Who preferred Trikk17 for NDR. Grimme award now Nominate the episode “Mess Under the Christmas Tree”. Plus, Listen to NDR Co-produced Animation Film Fritzi – the story of a miraculous transformation For candidates in the “Children and Youth” category. The film has already received a “very valuable” rating from the German film and a media rating.

The satirical formats appeared in the “Entertainment” category. Ballet Browser admire CrowmanAmong the candidates that the NDR participated in.

Grimme Prize winners will be announced on May 11

This year’s winners Grimme prices It will be announced on May 11th.

Due to the Corona pandemic, there have been no face-to-face meetings with the Grimme Prize committees this year, but there have been digital meetings over the course of several weeks. Coronavirus is also happening in some candidate formats in terms of content and design.

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