Skate developer shows screenshots of ‘prealfa’ parkour and starts closed beta – Games – News

EA studio Full Circle has released a trailer featuring “pre-pre-prealfa” footage of skateboarding. In the trailer, the developer shows parkour-like and multiplayer tricks. Additionally, the game maker is announcing a closed beta.

The images range from harsh environments without materials to detailed buildings and city squares with them post processing† The images also show various animations, from stuttering motions with insects to smoother transitions between skateboard tricks.

The trailer also features gameplay elements. In previous skateboarding games, it was already possible to roam the game world without a skateboard; This appears to have been expanded with additional parkour elements, such as running through walls and climbing on horizontal racks. The images also seem to include multiplayer.

In the video, Full Circle says it listens to the players’ desires, citing desires such as cross-play, “realistic sound” and climbing to high places. In response to the latter, Full Circle said it wants to give players more freedom and the developer shows images of tall objects that can be climbed on.

To get more feedback from fans, start Full Circle Trial version of “Insider playtesting”† This closed beta is currently only available to PC players and is gradually being opened to more players. The developer assures that Skate is still in a very early development stage and that players are invited to a beta “much earlier” than usual.

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