Featured review of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Featured review of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

After two previews, it's time to review Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Exciting moment for Kos. After all, he considers this Japanese series one of the top three most beloved gaming series of all time. It made sense that he was at the forefront to test the game. Dan also really appreciates the series and that's why the two started working. Gilly joined the office to ask the important questions needed. Will Rebirth be better than the first part of the remake, or will the final product be a bit disappointing? The three gentlemen in our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Premium review will tell you.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth review: Is it better than the first part?

Final Fantasy VII Remake was a major upgrade over the classic JPRG that came out on PlayStation in 1997. The game was billed as nothing less than groundbreaking upon launch. After a number of spin-offs in the first half of 2000, fans have been clamoring for a remake for years. Their wish was granted during E3 2015. The long-awaited news got even better when Square Enix announced that it wouldn't just be a single game. The beautiful story of the seventh part is divided into three matches. Rebirth is the second part. How good is this part?

There are a lot of mini-games in this part

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a huge game once again. The campaign is nice and long and there are many mini-games included in the game. So the player will not get bored easily. But, and this is a truism, no matter how big the game is, if the content isn't great, the size of the game will actually work against it. How good is Final Fantasy VII Revival? You will see and hear the answer in this video.

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