Seniors in Leiderdorp earn more than seven thousand euros together for KiKa

Seniors in Leiderdorp earn more than seven thousand euros together for KiKa

(Video: Robert Grants).

At Bloemerd in Leiderdorp, seniors did a lot of exercise on Friday. In the third half, the club organized a practice day for people over 55 years old at the Acalco Hockey Club. At RCL Football Club, a little further away, eighteen Oldstar teams competed against each other in a football tournament on foot. The tournament proceeds, over seven thousand euros, will go to Kika.

At Alecto hockey fields, athletes can perform at their best while walking hockey, korfball walking or rugby walking, under the supervision of a coach. There was a dance. There was a bullseye. Eighteen walking football teams competed against each other on RCL’s main field.

Organizer Rob van der Groen explains why the football tournament’s proceeds are directed to KiKa. The money for cancer research depends on how many people get sick. Relatively many people develop lung cancer, so a lot of research is being done on this topic. Logical. 555 children develop cancer each year. A quarter of them do not recover. This isn’t a lot in numbers, but it’s one of four. That’s really too much. Research can do something about that, and we’re raising money for that.”

The kick-off to the soccer tournament was kicked off by 11-year-old Finn, who is battling cancer herself, and former international soccer player Tim de Clare.

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