Verstappen senior haalt uit: "Je kan beter in Nederland blijven, net een klein kind ben je"

Verstappen’s lashes for the elderly: ‘You’d better stay in Holland, you’re like a little kid’

Jos Verstappen criticized NOS journalist Louis Decker on Twitter. Max Verstappen’s father is unhappy with Decker’s tweet and is clearly considering his own.

Usually, Father Verstappen is not averse to necessary hot pronouncements and regularly manages to deliver the necessary underwater stitches, especially via Twitter. For example, Verstappen really got in on a strong leg at the same Dekker in 2020, when he responded to a tweet from a Formula 1 journalist with: “Gosh Louis with your childish comment. Don’t they have serious NOS people?”

Decker talks about Qatar

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And this week a new chapter was added in the cold relationship between Dekker and the former Formula 1 driver. The journalist from NOS begins by talking about the situation in Qatar. Decker draws a contrast between the situation in Qatar itself, where there is hardly a drop of alcohol, and Qatar Airways’ ‘national pride’, where even gin is thrown into a tonic without being asked, according to Decker.

Smash Verstappen

Verstappen Senior does not appear to be happy with the comments Dekker made on the social media, and thus goes into full detail on Verstappens: “Louis. Perhaps it would be better to stay in Holland. With all your complaining. You are like a little kid.”, sounds from Verstappen. Decker is still responding to that. “I’m not complaining, Gus. I’m watching. That’s fine, right?” Wonders. An answer from Verstappen is still not forthcoming.

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