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You are apparently unaware of the innovation of Metro. Actually most here, always the same (unjustified) criticism imho. It is far from useless and essential to how our machines operate today. Start using Windows on multiple devices, including touchscreen devices, and you’ll notice how important Metro is to an overall experience. Think about switching between devices, like Surface and desktop, but also on the same device – for example, docking your Surface as your desktop and using Surface on the go. With Metro, this works really well, and it’s an experience that wouldn’t suffice with the classic components. And Microsoft would be crazy if it didn’t.

MS’s mistakes with Metro come from the fact that it’s a very long process of turning everything around. Functions were first developed for the average user, by far the largest group that uses Windows. Unfortunately, professional users are deprived of this approach.

Moreover, Metro’s design language is not mature and optimized enough. In terms of the desktop, there’s still enough room to improve a lot. The problem here is the visual representation of a lot of data, as Metro is very restrictive and may lean too far toward touch. It may be the reason why advanced configuration panels did not appear with the new design language.

No metro is definitely not useless and is actually a necessary development for the future. This is the right path, but the process leaves something to be desired: it’s slow and there is probably too much focus on touch while the desktop is still their largest user base. Meanwhile, we have a split-personality operating system, seasoned users pulling the short straw while the end of the process is yet to come.

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