Robert Ten Brink departs from Eelde for the ‘All You Need Is Love’ Christmas special.  Kirsten from a travel agency in Elde will guide the trip

Robert Ten Brink departs from Eelde for the ‘All You Need Is Love’ Christmas special. Kirsten from a travel agency in Elde will guide the trip

Robert ten Brink left Groningen Eelde Airport to attend a special Christmas screening of All You Need Is Love Scandinavia. Kirsten Muntendam from BBI Travel from Eelde guided the trip.

All you need is love for Eelde. Tells?

“I’m a fan of the show and when we were traveling to Sweden last winter I said to my director, ‘Isn’t this a beautiful area to film a Christmas special for?’ all you need is love “A winter destination is always chosen for the programme, where three young people meet their partner who lives far away. To our surprise, we received an email from Endemol itself in May.

Oh, is this a coincidence?

“Endemol was looking for a new location for the Christmas broadcast. For the programme, they had already been to Canada, Switzerland and Finnish Lapland, but had not yet been to the Scandinavian mountain region. We have been flying here from Ealde in the winter months for two years now. It is located on The border between Sweden and Norway.

Did you arrange that?

“That’s right, we have contacts in the region. We have arranged a Transavia plane and hotels and have also invited a hundred travel agents, vloggers and bloggers to join us on December 6.”

They suddenly saw Robert ten Brink and his camera team appear in Elde ?

“True. We weren’t allowed to say anything in advance. Which caused a bit of a commotion when he entered the terminal. But Robert ten Brink is a very nice guy. He wanted to take a picture with everyone and walked around the plane a few times. Of course we all had to do that a few times.” Merry Christmas Screaming, screaming program.”

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Where were the winter recordings taken?

“In Sälen in Sweden, including a very old Swedish hotel, and in Trysil in Norway. There was a lot of snow, and the production team was very excited about the images they were able to capture.

how long have you been there?

“Three days. Robert ten Brink and his team are also back with us. So are the candidates and their partners who have been brought together.

What will we see from Eelde on TV?

“I don’t know. Recordings were made in the departure lounge, on the runway and on the plane. I hope, of course, that this will be focused on.”

BBI has cost a lot of energy and money.

“It’s true, it has taken a lot of time and energy to arrange it. We of course hope that the broadcast will increase the popularity of the area and that more people will book a holiday with us.

When is it broadcast?

“Christmas Eve, December 24th. Then I will definitely be in front of the TV. With a handkerchief. Oh, all you need is love It’s mainly for women, but I’m sure many men watch it too. Whether it is mandatory or not.”

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