Cher’s surprise Christmas album begins with a festive rollercoaster ride

Cher’s surprise Christmas album begins with a festive rollercoaster ride

The most attention-grabbing Christmas album of 2023? This should be the thing with an effective title Christmas Lecher is now 77 years old. Many things are surprising about this observation. It starts with the fact that this is the first Christmas album from the ‘Goddess of Pop’. I’ve never done anything like that before, not even with Sonny Bono, back in the day.

Big surprise: Christmas Enjoyable, with a fifteen-minute opening that could even be called a fun rollercoaster ride. It starts with the vibrant dance floor DJ playing Christmas songfollowed by one swinging out of control What does Christmas mean to me? (with Stevie Wonder, at his best) and swing the boom Run Rudolph Run.

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Wait a minute, is this where Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” goes up? Yes, it really is that wall: there it is Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)with Cher (77) and Spector’s muse Darlene Love (82) an energetic and inspiring duo.

The bar doesn’t stay high, and we can’t quite escape Slow Down (Michael Bublé), but with a total of four new Christmas tracks, and a charming alternation between classic and modern, the visiting rapper Taiga Here and a lively duet with Cyndi Lauper there Christmas Yet it is delightfully fresh for its kind.






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