Robbie Williams regrets letting his US career falter |  Music

Robbie Williams regrets letting his US career falter | Music

Robbie Williams had the opportunity to break through in the US, but he said no to all the offers that came his way. The British singer regretted it afterwards, he says in a conversation with him De Volkskrant.

Although the 48-year-old singer wasn’t an unknown name in the States, really big hits weren’t forthcoming. Since Williams was unable to walk normally in Europe, he decided to move to the United States. “From the same arrangement that drove Michael Jackson crazy. That’s why I fled to Los Angeles,” says the artist.

“Not to make it happen, but to escape the madness here. In L.A. I could live in complete secrecy, though I was in a house closet. In America I could be Bruce Wayne, while in the rest of the world he was Batman. And though I I was alone there, except I felt lonely in London with 24 hour security.”

Although it was not his goal to break into the United States, Williams did receive several offers. “All these talent shows with juries wanted me, but I said no to everything,” he says Angels-the singer.

“Sometimes I regret it a little bit, because it just seems so fun to do, like the sound. But now they probably don’t want me and I’ll have to come up with my own talent show. Yes, that’s what I want: to become a mole Jean, or what’s that media man’s name of yours? Oh yeah, John de Mol.”

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