Luca regrets a shoe worth 600 euros: "I forgot the influencer was tall" |  money flops

Luca regrets a shoe worth 600 euros: “I forgot the influencer was tall” | money flops

money flopsEveryone sometimes makes a mistake that has small or sometimes big financial consequences. In this series, people talk about their financial mistake. This week: Luca Steamer (28 years old), who spent 600 euros on a pair of sneakers that she did not enjoy.

Are you obsessed with fashion?
“When I bought the sneakers, in 2017, more than now. I followed the trends. You’re probably more sensitive to that at this age.”

Where did you see these sneakers for the first time?
“With touching. I thought, This looks nice. I wanted that too!”

Do you know how expensive it was?
“It wasn’t there. She also has a girlfriend,” she told me.

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Don’t you think 600 euros is a lot of money for a pair of sneakers?
“That’s why I hesitated for so long. I had two jobs and saved so much so that I would always have money so I wouldn’t have to live from account to account. For a money-conscious person like me, it was ridiculously expensive, but still…”

anyway what?
“They looked so cute! This influencer wore white and white tights and a white dress that suddenly looked cool because of those sneakers. Nobody wore anything like that back in the day, it was something different. This friend had them in black and let me try them on to see if they They were comfortable. It was a bit heavy, but I decided to buy it anyway.”

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Where did you buy it?
,, on a website where you can buy designer things. When they arrived a week later, I was very happy with them. But the first doubts came when I put it on: In white, it looked a lot older, and just as rough. I’m short and I forgot influencer and friend are so tall.”


For a money conscious person like me, it was ridiculously expensive, but still…

Would you have worn it anyway?
“I didn’t wear them often because they were white, would get dirty quickly, and were very expensive. At some point I wanted to get over them.”

I remember well; That night I was supposed to work as a hostess at the club. It was an event and she chose an all white jumpsuit with those sneakers underneath. Because he was so busy on the floor, I had to help out there. Oh no, my shoes, I thought as I walked among all these people. But it was difficult for me to take off my shoes and continue to work barefoot. To make matters worse, I also had to help behind the bar, where the floor is wet and sticky from spilled liquor. It’s narrow in the back and my supervisor has had sneaker flats a few times. I actually cleaned it almost completely afterwards, but I got so sick of it I didn’t really want to wear it anymore.”

and resell?
“I thought about it. But my shoes are nailed to the wall next to my bed and sometimes I have a movie night with my boyfriend, with cheese toast and wine in bed. After that evening, there was still a glass of red wine on the bedside table. In his sleep he knocked on that glass, straight on.” On top of my white sneakers! Then it is no longer possible to sell.

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what did you learn?
“I wouldn’t buy shoes for that amount so quickly based on what the Instagram influencer likes. Or it has to really fit me and be something I wear easily and often, like black shoes.”

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