Reviews of "Dunes" in: Did Denis Villeneuve succeed in the impossible?

Reviews of “Dunes” in: Did Denis Villeneuve succeed in the impossible?

It won’t be long before that Dune It can be seen in the cinema. That should be the case next month and before that, the film will actually be shown during the Venice Film Festival, where Denis Villeneuve Six minutes later a warm welcome.Dune It centers around Paul Atreides, a young man born with a destiny greater than he can ever imagine. He must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe to secure the future of his family and people. When the forces of evil converge in a struggle for the exclusive supply of the most needed resources in existence, an uphill battle for survival begins.

And would you like it?
The question is, of course, whether the movie is also interesting. He seems to be, even though he’s struggling Dune Exactly with what we already feared, namely the fact that it is based on the first part of the classic work of Frank Herbert. As a result, this movie adaptation doesn’t look rather complete.

wrap: “A colossal cinematic, a gigantic, dramatic spectacle in its bleak beauty.”

Los Angeles Times: “Villeneuve knows how to draw you into a clear and sometimes disturbing vision of the future.”

movie stage: “Denis Villeneuve has overcome this string of bad omens by making the impersonal film possible.”

Jobblo: “Dune is the best science fiction possible. Denis Villeneuve has done one of the best fantasy adventures since Peter Jackson took us to Middle-earth.”

Watchman: “Dune shows what could be a Hollywood movie.”

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