Publisher of Prince Harry’s memoir reveals cover and release date

Publisher of Prince Harry’s memoir reveals cover and release date

The book is called additional. Referring to Heir and spare partsa well-known royal book and term, explains the British media. additional Destiny means “reserve heir to the throne”. The notes will be released on January 10.

The cover contains an image of Prince Harry. It is already known that in any case the funeral of his mother, Diana, was discussed. Moreover, we have been eagerly awaiting the “revelation” promised in the book for months.

The book has already caused quite a stir. For example, in recent months the media has wondered whether King Charles’ son is talking more about the course of affairs within the family and about the separation between him and his wife Megan from the British royal family. Sixth page I mentioned earlier that the bookthe juice A source inside a New York publisher allegedly told the medium. An insider allegedly said the book would make his family “nervous”.

additional Written by Harry’s Ghost writer, Pulitzer Prize-winning J.R. Moringer. He also previously wrote the memoirs of tennis player Andre Agassi and Phil Knight, co-founder of sports brand Nike.

Harry and Meghan have already opened up about the situation within the British royal family. For example, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey last year, which was watched by 17 million people in the United States alone, the couple said that they did not feel enough support from the family at that time in their fight against the British newspapers. It is also said that the royal family expressed concerns about the color of the baby’s skin while Meghan was pregnant.

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In addition to Harry’s memoir, we can expect a candid documentary from Meghan soon:

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