Prince Jackson: I didn't understand why people liked my father  Entertainment

Prince Jackson: I didn’t understand why people liked my father Entertainment

For example, in a rare interview he talked about the first time he realized his father was a big pop star. “As a child, I did not understand why people liked my father. People followed us everywhere and tried to touch him. The first time I realized how famous he was when I saw him perform outside. A sea of ​​people came to watch, they kept coming. Some of the onlookers fainted when they saw him.” I didn’t understand that and I asked him afterwards: Dad, why do people faint when they see you? I see you every day, there is nothing special about that, right?

Prince, Who was 12 years old when his father passed away in 2009, learned an important lesson from the pop icon. “I miss him more every year. How can it be different? This was my father. I learned a lot from him. Especially since I must always continue learning. My father used to say, ‘The moment you stop learning is when you start dying.” I’ve never forgotten that. “


The eldest son of Michael, also a sister Paris (22) And a brother Blanket (19) He also spoke about his name. Actually his name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. “I use Prince or Mike in my daily life. Especially in terms of anonymity, you can imagine that. When student attendance is listed in school to check attendance, you don’t want to be“ Michael Jackson ”. Nowadays I prefer to use“ Mike ”because This name attracts the least attention. Of course I’m also proud to have my father’s name, which is something I’m proud of. But such a name brings a lot of pressure. People expect you to live up to the gold standard. And believe me, I’m not an artist. I can’t sing or Dancing, even though most of my family are true performers You walk on the moon! “

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He also says that he is very grateful for the years he has been allowed to spend with his father. “Actually, we didn’t have a bad childhood, you know. My father was world famous, and now that I’m grown up, I see everything from a different perspective. But at the time we were also just kids growing up and getting old.” Prince said, “I’m so grateful. For the years we spent with him. “

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