Prince Harry takes first ride since ‘near-disastrous’ chase

Prince Harry takes first ride since ‘near-disastrous’ chase

Earlier this year, Harry and Meghan ended up in what they described as a “near-disastrous” two-hour chase by paparazzi after an awards ceremony in New York. In hindsight, according to the couple’s cab driver, it’s not too bad and the police don’t use more words than “challenge.” all’s well That ends well. Fortunately, Harry is currently having a good experience traveling to Japan.

According to royal family correspondent Omid Scobie, the British royal family has a lot of fans in Japan. “And interest in the Sussex remains high,” he wrote on X, the ex’s Twitter post. And vice versa: Harry is a huge fan of Japan. The prince is now in for a match for his organization Sentebale, which is taking place in Singapore. This charity provides psychological assistance and support to children and young people in South Africa dealing with HIV. The first stop will be in Tokyo and then the match will be held in Singapore.

England, Canada, America: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been moving from place to place since leaving the British royal family. Now they will consider trading in their Montecito villa for a Malibu residence. Or maybe immigrating to Japan might also be an option?

During the ISPS Sports Values ​​Summit in Tokyo, a meeting where the importance of sports is discussed, Harry stresses the power of sports, but also expresses his great love for Japan. Warmth, Compassion, and Generosity: Every element of Japanese culture is truly unique and very special. “I noticed it on my first visit four years ago when I was here for the Rugby World Cup. I would love to live here if you would welcome me.”

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He thanks the Japanese organization for their hospitality. “I really enjoyed my stay here in Japan again and I look forward to my next visit.”

A private shot also shows Harry having a good time in Tokyo, with his friend and polo player Nacho Figueras, who is taking part in the benefit match. “Shopping for our women,” the Argentine athlete wrote with a photo of him and Harry wearing sunglasses in a store.

Rumors have been circulating for weeks about a serious relationship crisis between Harry and Meghan. Recently, the couple finally released a video in which everything seems to be quiet, but the flow of rumors continues to haunt them…

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