Not what you think

Not what you think

Disney has lost a lot of Disney+ subscribers in a very short period of time. In the second quarter of 2023, 12.5 million subscribers left in just one country. This is not because people cannot appreciate the Marvel series and Star Wars, but because there is no more cricket to watch.

A big loss for Disney+

It’s actually a combination of two things, both of which have nothing to do with the content we know from Disney: on the one hand, it was the Mouse House’s decision to suspend the rights to broadcast the popular sport of cricket, on the other hand, it wasn’t buying a license to HBO, which basically left Disney content behind. It turns out not enough for the 12.5 million people in India alone.

Disney+ has also lost ground in other countries. In the United States and Canada, Disney managed to say goodbye to 300 thousand subscribers. In other parts of the world, Mickey and Friends fared better, adding 300,000 subscribers elsewhere. But yeah, the question is how that will be in the near future, because with strikes in Hollywood, there may be very little content on Disney+ (and in cinema) in the future. The fact that Disney is so committed to artificial intelligence will push leading actors against poetry rather than with it.

146.1 million subscribers

Disney+ currently has 146.1 million subscribers and a Disney total reservation 4 percent higher turnover in the second quarter of at least $22.3 billion. There is also a loss: the company lost $460 million net. So the company is taking many steps to make more money and is following other streaming services in this. For example, it’s toying with the idea of ​​restricting password sharing, like Netflix, and wants to lend its series to other streaming services like HBO Max (which means Insecure can now be seen on Netflix). It also raised its prices in the United States.

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In Europe, we don’t seem to be affected by this yet: a cheaper subscription will launch there on November 1. For 5.99 euros per month, you can watch Disney + with ads. This year promises to be great in terms of content, by the way: the Ahsoka series is coming anyway, The Little Mermaid (2023), new episodes of Only Murders in the Building, new episodes of Futurama and a new season of Loki, on which the stakes are high. There’s also a new series coming: Echo, which is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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