Pollenstreek – Noordwijkerhouter from America on a mission at Pollenstreek Omrop

Pollenstreek – Noordwijkerhouter from America on a mission at Pollenstreek Omrop

Lisse/Noordwijkerhout – Kees Johnson, an avid bulb grower from Noordwijkerhout, who immigrated to the United States at the age of fifteen, has created a part of the Netherlands in New Jersey. In 2018, the Noordwijkerhout resident founded Holland Ridge Farm. What started as a fun project for his retirement grew into an unexpected success. Today the farm attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors.

Keys’ story begins in 1969, when he set up his own greenhouses at the age of fifteen. From these humble beginnings, he gradually grew his farming business into what it is today, Holland Ridge Farm.

A large picking garden has been developed on the farm which is open twice a year. The little piece of Netherlands on American soil is very popular among Americans. Because of this great success, they decided to attract not only visitors to Holland Ridge Farm, but also Americans to the real Netherlands.

The Holland Ridge Farm team is visiting all locations in the Netherlands this week. Its aim is to present the rich culture and beautiful landscapes of the Netherlands to a wider audience. In this way, Holland Ridge Farm wants to bridge the gap between the two worlds and give people the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Netherlands.


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