The judge has a request to disclose Trump's search warrant

The judge has a request to disclose Trump’s search warrant

InternationalAug 12 ’22 at 10:39Author of the book: Remy Cock

More is being known about the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago vacation home. The Washington Post reports it is seeking classified documents on nuclear weapons, while the New York Times says Trump has documents on foreign operations in his possession. The US Attorney General has also asked the judge to make the search warrant public.

For now, American reporter John Postma thinks it’s just the tip of the veil. “People with knowledge of the investigation told The Washington Post that they were looking for documents related to nuclear weapons. We don’t know what kind of documents, whether they are US or foreign weapons documents.’ Postma also insists it’s unclear whether the FBI actually found anything.

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But in addition to the so-called classified nuclear documents, the FBI is looking for something even more secret: documents about foreign operations with the designation ‘Special Access Program.’ ‘It’s a step above ‘top secret’, that’s the secret. It is about the most important activities that the United States undertakes abroad.

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Sensitive matter, in other words, according to Postma, is accessible ‘in public’. ‘It’s at Mar-a-Lago, a private club where people can walk in and out. So an easy target.’ So U.S. Justice Secretary Merrick Garland wants to make the search warrant public, and he’s made that request to the judge, Postma knows. ‘That’s interesting because it contains more information. including the reason for the raid and what crime it relates to.’

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According to Postma, a list of seized items will be available, although it is unclear how detailed the list will be. Garland says he can’t decide now, but the judge can. As a minister, he thinks this won’t be a problem because Trump himself has demonstrated that there was a search and that it serves a specific public interest. Then there is reason enough to publish it.’


But according to Postma, it’s not that simple. Instead, the judge gave the Netherlands until 9 a.m. to say whether or not Trump would grant permission. “That brings me to Garland’s ‘why,’ because it’s starting to look like a chess game. Trump has that search warrant, and he chooses not to share it. You say: There’s a reason. There’s constructive pressure from the Republican side to share more information. And Postma says, “It would be weird if he blocked this and kept the information hidden.” It’s becoming an interesting chess game.’

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