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It is not the golden mean ground, it is what the consumer currently accepts, but rather the minimum required to satisfy the average user, thus maximizing profit. Everything that is made now will get a buyer. In fact there is no competition now and Nvidia will not do it for your beautiful eyes either. Gekkeprutser has a problem with lack of memory, and it has nothing to do with performance (games that do not need a lot of memory will of course perform better with better card and faster memory, but that does not mean that some applications need more) and even to put that in mind, this A quote for a non-virtual reality game at 3080.10Gig
A: I overdid it in two games I’m currently playing: Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Grand Theft Auto V. Once I hit the roughly 9.8 GB of used V-Ram, the FPS drops crazy and the screen looks like a flip-book. I have to leave a setting or 2 to keep it under the 9.8 GB used.

The bottom line is that if you are playing at 4k and want to use most or all of the settings, 10GB is not enough. V-RAM is treated like nothing in high definition with maximum settings. And thanks to the FTW3’s 450w BIOS, you can stay over 60fps in most games and are only limited to 10GB of V-RAM.

Is it future proof? I don’t think so and definitely not for Friday. This is an expensive card that, that said, still wants some margin.

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