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Google Chrome 90 will have a feature that allows users to highlight a piece of text on a webpage and then share a link pointing to that part of the website. The feature has been available in Chrome beta since last year.

Google said the feature is currently rolling out to desktop and Android versions of Chrome Blog post. Google Chrome for iOS will get the feature at a later time. The feature is not yet available to all Chrome users. Tweakers has not yet been able to test the functionality in the version of the web browser.

Users can use the feature by highlighting a piece of text, right-clicking on it, and then clicking “Copy link to tag.” Users can then forward this link to other Chrome users. When they open the link, they are automatically sent to the specified portion of the specified text, rather than being sent to the top of the page.

This feature isn’t entirely new. Google previously released a Chrome extension called Link to the text pane. This extension offers almost the same functionality. The same feature became last year Already added to the Canary version of Chrome. However, after the feature has been integrated into the web browser itself, users no longer need to install additional things to use the feature.

Google is also releasing a new PDF viewer for Chrome in version 90. It will have a new view mode that displays two pages. The toolbar is also revamped and allows users to zoom in and quickly switch between pages and save or print with one button. The blog post indicates further performance improvements in Chrome, which the developers have made Version 89 has already been implemented.

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