Peter Gillies responds briefly to Nicol’s decision to postpone the book

Peter Gillies responds briefly to Nicol’s decision to postpone the book

Peter Gillis reacts succinctly to the news that Nicole Cremers has postponed the publication of her book. “Yes, I read it. She has to find out for herself, and I will go on with my own life. If the book is published, Geillis’ request will remain the same. “If there is a book, it must contain the truth. Especially when it comes to me.”

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Arnold Tankus

Gillis responds On RTL Street Regarding the news of Nicole postponing her book. According to her management, Nicole is going through a difficult emotional period, which makes completing her autobiography an extremely heavy burden. This is what its director, Wouter van Dort, told the programme.

“She’s facing a lot of the past.”

Kramers is currently being treated again for PTSD. Her manager says she’s getting help for that. According to Van Dort, the recent confrontation with Gillis at the Utrecht court is the main reason she is being treated again for PTSD, according to the manager. “It went very well, but I noticed that some setbacks are possible, because then she faces a lot of the past,” he says of the impact of the lawsuit.

Earlier this month, the former lovers were in court because Gillis believed she was not adhering to a confidentiality obligation in the settlement agreement. He wants Nicole to stop talking to the media about their relationship years ago and demands access to the book before publication.

Gillis fears that Nicole Cremers’ book will contain things he doesn’t like. The head of Oostappengroep is also now on trial for assaulting Nicole Cremers. The Public Prosecution is investigating at least ten cases of abuse.

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Nicole says she no longer recognizes this agreement at all. Her lawyer announced last week that she had terminated this agreement. Furthermore, the agreement was also signed under duress, according to Cremers. The court in Utrecht will deliver its judgment on 30 November in the summary proceedings initiated by Peter against Nicole.

“A resume should not be at its own expense.”

The question is whether the book will continue to be published. Van Dort doesn’t expect any problems. “However, it is also possible for her to say: ‘I have learned from these treatments that perhaps I should leave the past alone and look to the future.’ Ultimately, we can advise her on this, but it remains her choice.” The director believes that biography Subjectivity should not be at its expense. “It’s not worth it, of course.”

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