'Palermo was almost promoted in the hands of the City Football Group'

‘Palermo was almost promoted in the hands of the City Football Group’

Palermo, who had just been promoted to the second division, on the eve of the City football group’s takeover, according to Gianluca Di Marzio. The owner of Manchester City, New York and Melbourne City, among others, is from Abu Dhabi and also has investors from America and China. Earlier I also tried to grab NAC Breda, but that didn’t work.

Palermo had to start again in Serie A in 2019 due to bankruptcy, wrestling and now causing a stir in Italian football. The Sicily club made everyone fall in love again when they moved up to the second division through play-offs this season. So they are now in talks with City Football Group about the acquisition, as they are just beginning to advance. repeatedly.

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According to Di Marzio, of Sky Sport Italia, several talks have already taken place between Palermo director Dario Meri and Citigroup representatives. Of course, City Group’s ambition is to become the historical club, also known as I’m Rosanero He was called up to return to the Italian Serie A. The club is ready for it: the stadium is still as before and can seat about 36,500 people.

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It even appears that representatives of the City Football Group attended the Palermo match to get a taste of the atmosphere. Moments later, the Palermo club went up, after winning the final against Pavona on 12 June. Talks appear to be in their final stages and it will soon be clear whether or not Palermo will be taken.

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