Painful Mistake: An American Woman Mistakes Super Glue for Hairspray

Painful Mistake: An American Woman Mistakes Super Glue for Hairspray

With her favorite brand of hairspray running out, Tessica Brown decided to try another one. That’s what I thought at least. What she had just bought was very strong Gorilla Glue. Objects are used, among other things, for gluing types of stones and metals together.

wall mounted

Brown only discovered her mistake when it was too late. Since then, the TikTok video in which she describes her mistake has been viewed millions of times. “My hair is stuck,” says Brown, who says he’s been trying to remove the glue from her hair for a month. It is said that she washed her hair fifteen times to no avail.

Reactions to her story varied. A lot of people make fun of Brown, but she also gets support from people who care about her desperation. With her hashtag #gorillagluegirl, her struggle is now spreading like wildfire on social media.

‘Very annoying’

Gorilla Glue also responded to Brown’s incident on social media. “We find it very annoying,” wrote the gum producer. “We are happy to see it cured. It is a unique situation as this product is not intended for use on hair.”

Videos posted since her mistake show 40-year-old Brown trying different ways to remove the glue from her hair. With the shampoo does not work, and in the end I decided to go to the hospital. There she received an hour’s treatment with acetone, but it turned out that it had damaged her scalp.

crowdfunding campaign

Brown was advised to continue the treatment at home, but it yielded no results. People have already given over $10,000 to the crowdfunding campaign I started. Her goal was to raise $1,500.

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