Op1 anchor Talitha Muusse finds the comment of the “trainee” currently biased

Op1 anchor Talitha Muusse finds the comment of the “trainee” currently biased

In 1Presenter Talitha Muusse believes that ad He called her an intern in a column. Moss finds it extremely bitter that this comment came from a woman, she says in an interview Long live the.

“Yes, this is just sexism. By a woman, please. It will never be said to a young man. But she’s not the only one, you know. The ugly reactions I get are often racist and sexist. Trainee, or they try to win the Diversity Cup. That is. So silly that it just doesn’t really affect me anymore, “Moss says.

Moss has been serving the 29-year-old since the start of this year In 1Together with Sven Cockelman. Reviewer Angela de Jong thought Muusse should be replaced, after the talk show about corona cells was in the Netherlands.

De Jong wrote at the time: “But here, too, the news was not so serious that Jeroen Pau was called in to replace apprentice Talitha Moss.”

“This is personal frustration.”

Moss notes that some of the politicians at the talk show table also treat her differently, because they assume she lacks a certain knowledge. “I notice sometimes that politicians give me a different answer than Sven’s answer, representation, simplification. That’s personal frustration.”

Politicians have to take her seriously precisely because of her relatively young age. “Young people have far fewer interests. They can ask very fundamental questions from this pure position.”

After the national elections, Kockelmann and Muusse stopped submitting In 1 On Sunday. The Telegraph He writes that NPO is in talks with KRO-NCRV to keep the duo in a different way.

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