It's Saint Patrick's Day!

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day!

Het is vandaag day of St. Patrick a gem Saint Patrick’s Day. National Day of Ireland.

The official holiday falls on March 17th every year. Commemoration of Ireland’s patron Saint Patrick. It is usually celebrated across Ireland with open-air concerts, cabarets, grand parades and fireworks on the banks of Dublin’s River Liffey. However, Coronavirus is also a problem here.

Green is the color associated with the festival. Party goers usually wear green clothes and one can buy green beer on this day for example.

Also a big party in America

Saint Patrick’s Day is also widely celebrated in the United States and Australia, the countries in which many Irish people have immigrated. Many large rallies are organized in these countries. The oldest and largest parade in the world takes place in New York. It is also a tradition that the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) and the President of the United States confer with each other on Saint Patrick’s Day about progress made in the peace process in Ireland, and more broadly about the consequences of world events.

In Chicago they do something very special. The Chicago River They are colored green every year for Saint Patrick’s Day.

It’s also a good idea to party if you are not Irish

In many countries there is an annual growing group of people celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. Not only Irish people or people of Irish ancestry; There is also a group without Irish roots, who declare themselves “Irish of the Day”. For example, the former New York mayor, Ed Koch, once renamed himself “Ed” or Koch.

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Saint Patrick’s Day is not only associated with Irish culture, but it is also a Christian celebration celebrated by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the Lutheran Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. This holiday always falls during Lent and can sometimes fall during the so-called Holy Week. If Saint Patrick’s Day falls on such a week, the public holiday is moved to the second Monday after Easter.

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