Not nice neighbors?  Then have fun with this smart home device

Not nice neighbors? Then have fun with this smart home device

A bully on social news site Reddit built a smart home device just to pick at neighbors’ fingernails. With the “Hey Google” command, you can simulate annoying noises on the wall or ceiling… whenever you want.

De ‘TallyWhacker’

Aren’t you best friends with neighbors, do you have a lot of under the skin tensions that you want to get rid of in a clever, satisfying but slightly crazy way? Then build a smarthome device that works with the Google Assistant, just to annoy your neighbors now and then when you want to.

This is exactly what a Reddit user did with his invention: “De TallyWhackerIt is a device that makes annoying noises at the command of “Hey Google”. The TallyWhacker consists of a mechanical arm that presses a metal spring and then swings loudly against the ceiling or wall. Thanks to a microcontroller, it works with the commands you give to the Google Assistant.

But that’s not all, because the creator of this invention has such an evil spirit that the device is specially programmed to work at random times. The mechanical arm takes 5-30 second breaks at a time before hitting the spring again. When your neighbor murmurs in prayer, wishing the noise would eventually end, it returns at an unexpected moment. In the meantime, you leave the house invisible to get some fresh air or do some shopping quickly, if you really want to push it that far.

Create your own TallyWhacker

TallyWhacker even has a nice housing to disguise its mechanics so it completely disappears into the background in your sweet interior. If you want to be the bully yourself, you can. You can simply read the code and instructions for setting up the microcontroller find here. Enjoy, you are a bad character.

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The innovative device even has a nice smooth shell with its own logo

Are you going to do TallyWhacker? Have you ever designed a smart device to make your neighbors’ lives miserable? Admit it in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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