Blizzard Entertainment Brings Overwatch with Crossplay Across All Platforms – Games – News

Developer Blizzard Entertainment provides Overwatch with a multiplayer platform. This feature will work on all platforms. The game will receive multiplayer support between PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

According to Blizzard The feature will be available as a beta “soon”. It allows players on different platforms to play the game with each other. For example, Overwatch is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. the game as well Compatible with the previous generation With PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and S consoles. These platforms will also get cross-play, the developer reports. The feature will work with almost all game modes except competitor; In the RankThere will be a separate mode swimming pools For personal computers and game consoles.

The renewed client will form the basis for cross-play, according to developers reports. So players playing the game on consoles must first create a account and link their Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox accounts to that platform. It is not yet known when Blizzard will release the cross beta. It is also still unknown when the final version will be released.

Blizzard also announced on Wednesday that will receive an update that will enable the platform, among other things, to: Get friends list all over the world. It allows users from different regions to add each other and then see what games their friends from other regions are playing and talking to. This was already possible in the past, but users had to switch regions first within This update will be available for all regions except China.

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It doesn’t look like users from different regions will also be able to play games with each other, though Blizzard writes that a list of friends around the world is only “step one”: “Removing these barriers was an important technical task. Now that we’ve done That, and we look forward to a future where all players can interact and play with each other wherever they are.”

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