NOS notified NPO of alleged abuses against sports editors |  NOS Sport offenses

NOS notified NPO of alleged abuses against sports editors | NOS Sport offenses

NOS management has notified the NPO regarding signals of possible infringing behavior in NOS Sport. A spokesperson said today that the nonprofit has been informed of the overseas stockpile announced last week.

The Inquiry Commission’s Broadcasting, Behavior and Culture Authority (OGCO), which is investigating work culture within the non-profit organisation, is including new reports of alleged misconduct at NOS Sport in the investigation. A spokesperson said this today when asked. The committee will conduct research into the work culture within the nonprofit organization in the next six months and has prepared a response De VolkskrantThe post about alleged abuses in the editorial board The world goes on.

Today’s NPO reiterates that the OGCO has a mission to “investigate infringing behavior and the underlying systemic causes behind it in a broad sense within the entire public broadcaster”. “Given the broad mission, the OGCO can investigate all forms of infringing behavior in public broadcasting.”

confidential advisor

NOS reported last week that the editors of NOS Sport had received several reports of accidents. A confidential outside consultant is now making an inventory of the “nature and impact of the signals”. The NOS then decides whether further steps are needed.

Volkskrant Last night I reported that NOS Sport employees have reported unacceptable behavior in the workplace for fifteen years. This relates to “sexually offensive behaviour, intimidation and harassment”. The newspaper also wrote that, based on the sources, the administration did not take sufficient measures.

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