Julius Peters appointed Vet Delegate for FEI OS Paris

Julius Peters appointed Vet Delegate for FEI OS Paris

The FEI has announced that Dutch vet Julius Peeters will compete at the Olympic Games in Paris next year as the FEI’s “veterinary delegate”. The experienced FEI Vet are delighted to be appointed to this important role. “It’s the icing on the cake,” Peters said.

“I have been appointed by the FEI to be the official veterinarian of the Olympic Games to ensure that work is done in accordance with (veterinary) regulations. We monitor the ‘fitness for competition’ of participating horses during all Olympic equestrian competitions.”

This mission begins as soon as the horses arrive. “We check if the horse has a valid FEI passport and if the vaccinations are correct. In addition to this check, we also check the general health of the horse upon arrival.”
Before the start of the match, the vet is also examined in front of Peters and his teammates. “During this examination we assess whether the horses are running well, so we assess the horse’s fitness. At the Olympics, we will repeat this test again before the individual finals.”
Julius Peters holds the position for all three Olympic disciplines. He is a foreign delegate during the Paralympic Games.

Veterinary Committee
In addition to Julius Peters, three vets have been appointed as FEI Veterinary Delegates. “Brazilian, American and French from the host country,” says Peters. Together, the veterinary delegates make up the veterinary committee during the event. “If a team vet or a private vet uses a particular treatment, they must have approval from the veterinary committee and this is done in consultation with the jury on the floor. As official vets, we have an advisory role in this matter, we work as a team.”

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dyed in wool
I have been active in the KNHS in the Netherlands for 30 years, also as a FEI vet. As such, I participate in the dressage competition in Exloo, but I always participate in jumping in Zuidwolde and in competition in Aachen. I was also a team vet for many years while driving, so now I have the necessary experience.” The FEI asked 30 vets, including Peters, to become a Level 4 Vet from being a Level 3 Vet last year.” Then we had a very interesting course in Lausanne on communication during competition. Then, my three teammates and I were selected by the FEI Veterinary Committee for a position at the Olympic Games. This nomination has been confirmed by the FEI Board of Directors. “It’s actually the icing on the cake,” Peters says with appropriate pride.

local clinic
Whether Peters also has duties in preparing for the event in Paris, he doesn’t know yet. “Also I’m curious about it. In the past there was a test event which I don’t think is being held now. My next step is to get to know my fellow recruits. The French fellow works as a delegate in Aachen, where I also work, so we can really work together there. I shared with the Brazilian colleague In the Young Dressage World Cup, so I know them too. I don’t know the American fellow yet.”
Peters has no role in the construction of veterinary facilities in Paris: “This is in the hands of the Director of Veterinary Services, who arranges the whole thing. I know that a local clinic is being built and a surgeon, an internist and a person for imaging will be flown in during the event. The latter also comes from the Netherlands. We are the first Dutch They know they’re going to the Olympics,” Peters concludes with a laugh.

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